Alsace region textile, cross stitch, red ticking


‘Alsace’ is another design in my Vintage Textiles Collection. Inspired by my love for ticking fabric and named for the region of France well known for its beautiful ticking.

A quote from

“French red tickings from Alsace
Textile weaving, dyeing and printing was a major industry in the Alsace region of northeast France….
The region also produced utilitarian fabrics, including woven mattress tickings in deep saturated tones
and in colors not seen elsewhere in France… Since northeastern France has cold winters, the bedding of
the region included cozy feather beds and all sizes of feather-filled pillows. The mattress tickings from
this region are well-known for their deep cherry reds and the combinations of reds and rose shades. The
broad-striped patterns were generally intended for the large featherbeds, while more intricate stripe
patterns were milled for use in pillows, bolsters and various sizes of duvet.”

Stitch Count – 243 x 202
Alsace would make a lovely pillow as well as framed piece.

cross stitch pattern, ticking, red, Alsace

I hope you’ll enjoy stitching, ‘Alsace’.

$10.00 for pdf charts.