Northern Nights

Band Sampler, blues and golds, teapots, snowflakes, wolves, cats, mice

Northern Nights, Stitched

Stitch Count 131 x 305

My first design!

Northern Nights was inspired by my love for cold winter nights here at our home, Gracewood, in the Selkirk range of the Rocky Mountains.

I wanted to reflect the feeling of those frosty nights with shades of cold blues, and the warm glow of hearth and candlelight through windows in shades of gold.

The howling dogs represent our two Anatolian Shepherds, Zach & Jubal, who loved to do just what you see on a snowy starry night. We’ve lost both boys to sudden illness in less than a year of the design being stitched, and this sampler is dedicated to both our golden boys.



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