Sampler of Poppies on Asian Screen


Stich Size 216 x 249

Poppies is another design inspired by a woman of strong character.

2012 is the year I discovered the world of Korean Historical Dramas and in particular the three epics,
Dae Jang-Geum, Yi-San and Dong-Yi. Stories about real people living during the Joseon dynasty from 1392-1897.

They appeal to me on many levels – excellent scripts, directing, acting, music, sets, costumes as well as
their moral ethic. I love their depiction of women who battle not with martial arts, but who overcome
obstacles with their strength of character, grace and virtue.

Each story also gives a unique glimpse into various aspects of life in the palace – Dae Jang-Geum was
the first woman named Physician to the King and this epic features the world of the palace kitchens
and medicine within the royal court.

Dong-Yi explores the world of the court musicians and the women ‘Inspectors’ who were responsible
for policing the inner world of the court.

Yi-San takes us into the world of the artist and the royal guards.

This design is dedicated to my favorite of the three, Dong-Yi. The motifs were inspired by the image
of a poppy in it’s opening credits and the intricate screens that compliment the spare furnishings
found from peasant homes to the palace.

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