Purchasing Charts

To purchase a pattern, each pattern’s page has an “Add to Cart” PayPal button. When you add something to the cart the page will refresh and if you page down you will be able to view what is in your cart.

You will have the option to remove the item, continue shopping or checkout. If you would like to send a check or money order in payment just send an email through the ‘Contact Tab’ and let me know what you’d like to order and how you’d like to pay for it.

What you will receive – Within 24 hours of purchase (usually sooner) you will receive an email (at the email you use for your PayPal, if you wish it sent elsewhere please include a note specifying where you would like it sent) with the pattern in pdf format attached. You will receive both symbol and color or color over symbol if the pattern has a dark background. They will be in separate attachments so that you can print the type you’d like to stitch from. I am also happy to adjust size, if you want the charts larger or smaller include your request on the PayPal instructions to seller.